Mobile Homes and RV Park Models

Do you want to purchase a mobile home or park model home in Mesa or Apache Junction? If you do, here are a couple of ideas and recommendations you may want to consider for making your home search and purchase more enjoyable and productive. First, in case you did not already know, there are approximately one hundred fifty mobile home parks and another twenty-five park model parks in the Apache Junction and Mesa area, which covers more than one hundred fifty square miles.

If you chose to canvass that much area to find and drive through each of the parks, at the rate of fifteen parks a day, every day, it would take you approximately two weeks to see them all. Many have started the quest only to stop after seeing less than a dozen parks. Looking online is somewhat easier in that regard and can assist with information and photographs but cannot give you that important "feet on the ground" sense of what a park or a home is really like. Given the challenges and limitations of both options we recommend finding and work with a professional who specializes in the type of property (RE, MH, RV) you intend to purchase.

Second, an important, if not the most important, factor in any purchase decision is complete, accurate, and unbiased information of the area, neighborhoods, and properties to be considered. With this information factored in you can make a more educated purchase decision. Without this information you are essentially buying a pig in a poke. Is that really what you want? Do not reinvent the wheel. Learn from the mistakes of others who came before you and choose to work with the very best information you can get your hands on. A local property specialist can be a good source of this type of information.